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It’s a Yoga practice, not a Yoga perfect…by Ingrid from Quit The Cubicle

The last time I was in Yoga class I had a revelation. I know I should have been concentrating on my own practice, but I couldn’t help hearing the guy next to me grunting and straining as we moved through a difficult sequence. He was definitely not enjoying the moment or the journey in his attempt to achieve perfection in his poses. The next words out of the teachers mouth were, “It’s a Yoga Practice not a Yoga Perfect.” I smiled, and I thought about how true that statement was.

My body is very inflexible and there is no way my Asanas look anything close to perfect, or are even anywhere close to my “finished product”.  I love Yoga anyway, it makes me feel amazing. That little bit of advice from my Yoga instructor made me realise something about the bigger picture. It made me realize that this ideal is what life is all about. You have to enjoy the feeling and the experience of living, not just the end results. I hope the person next to me heard this, as he seemed in pain and was clearly pushing past a point of comfort.

This idea of enjoying the practice really struck me that day in Yoga. As a child I can recall dancing lessons, tennis and piano. During all those hours of practice I never recall being told just enjoy the process. I do however remember being told that “practice makes perfect.” But does it? What is perfect, and is that what we should be striving for?

If we spend all of our time struggling to achieve an end result, we will miss the joy of the experience. I recently discovered a love of surfing. I love being out in the ocean spending sunny days on my board. I’m barely able to stand up for more than a few seconds on a wave, but I love it all the same. I don’t stress about being the best surfer in the water, and I no longer think about being perfect. Instead I think about how magical the day is and how lucky I am to have the time to spend enjoying something that I enjoy so much. Improvements will occur naturally and gradually, but you have to enjoy the experience of getting there. Enjoy the ride.

Life is about the journey not the result. Enjoy the moment, and love the now.

IngridLove, Ingrid

Ingrid is a blogger and coach who helps people on the journey to quit the cubicle life of corporate work and follow their dreams.